Product features of all cast glazed tiles
[2017/6/7 15:56:57]
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The glazed tiles are different from ordinary Paoguangzhuan, the surface of the glaze for special crystal glaze wear-resisting, high temperature sintering molecules completely closed, almost no gap, can be a long time to maintain high durability is not bleak, hard wear. Mohs hardness above 6 degrees, water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, more uniform than the natural stone, dense, stable and safe. All glazed glazed tile makers sum up several features of all glazed glazed tiles.
1, long service life: General polishing brick with a long time, easy to matte; antique brick with a long time, because the surface of the enamel layer is thin, easy to wear. The glazed tile made of full cast glaze is thicker and less easily worn, so its service life is 3 times of that of ordinary micro powder brick.
2, the color is more rich: after high temperature firing tiles, coloring pattern texture is dialysis color, not ordinary tiles on the surface of the rough pattern, but can see and touch the special colored muscle lines, bright colors, color variety, natural texture. All throwing glaze products can be polished or polished, which can meet the tastes of different consumer groups.
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