Which aspects should be considered in the selection of interior tiles?
[2017/6/7 15:56:42]
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In the decoration, the wall tile is the ideal choice, in order to buy satisfactory interior wall glazed tile, Shandong brick wall manufacturers from the "check", "look", "listen", "trial" and so on four aspects of scientific choice.
Check and check whether there is a factory name, site, and product name, specification, grade, quantity, trademark, date of production and standard of execution on the product packing box. Check whether there is no factory certificate, and whether the product is damaged or not. The quantity and quality of the products in the box are consistent with the contents of the package.
Two, the quality of glazed ceramic tiles should be smooth and delicate, shiny and crystal clear, matte glaze soft and comfortable. In sufficient natural light or fluorescent light irradiation, the brick placed in the distance of 1 meters vertical observation, should not see the obvious glaze defects, products without chromatic aberration.
Three, listen to, you can gently beat ceramic tiles, listen to their sound, good quality products, listen to the sound crisp, indicating ceramic tile porcelain density and hardness, quality is good.
Four, try to choose ceramic tile low water absorption rate, water absorption rate can be measured test tiles, bibulous rate is low, the intrinsic stability of the representatives of tile is high, is suitable for moisture or high moisture content in the space, does not produce dark spots and other issues.
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