Process characteristics of full glazed glazed tile
[2017/6/7 15:56:27]
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All throwing glazed tile manufacturers to all throwing glazed tiles classification, there are two ways: 1, according to the production process is divided into: cast crystal brick, waist brick, antique brick three categories. 2, according to the varieties of glaze is divided into: crystal transparent or translucent glaze, high hardness, wear-resistant glaze, metal glaze and other categories.
All throwing glazed tiles belong to glazed tiles. The whole cast glaze is under glaze, is a kind of polishing process in a specially formulated glaze glaze, idiosome technology similar to the common glazed tiles, the main difference is that it is in the application of printing glaze after the end, then cast a layer of transparent glaze, the glaze polishing surface after firing go to a part, keep some surface layer of glaze, printing glaze layer, the main target, throwing brick instead of polished tiles.
The main advantages of the whole cast glazed tile process are: all the glazed tiles are not made of high quality raw materials, and the surface layer is only about 0.5-1mm of glaze. And polished brick should also 2-3mm fine material; throw glazed tile design simulation degree is very easy to do, the cost is low. All glazed glazed tiles are more environmentally friendly, because the glaze layer firing faster, lower energy consumption, polishing glaze than the low energy consumption and high yield.
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