Antique brick manufacturer
[2017/6/7 15:56:09]
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Antique brick evolved from glazed tiles and glazed ceramic tile is in essence. Compared with the ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly in the glaze color.
Antique brick tiles and tiles are ordinary, is basically the same, the only difference is the antique brick manufacturers in the firing process, the imitation of antique brick style old, is essentially a glazed ceramic brick, with a unique charm of classical attracts the attention of the people, for the years of vicissitudes of life and history the thick, antique brick through the style, color, pattern, create a nostalgic atmosphere. The so-called "antique" refers to the brick effect, it should be called "antique" effect tiles, antique tiles are not difficult to clean.
Antique brick pure clay; by this process of drinking water "to bluish grey; distinguished from ordinary antique tiles, ancient brick to calm, elegant, simple, natural, quiet beauty; with" air permeability, water absorption, oxidation, air purification and other features, is the housing wall, the ideal road decoration decoration materials.
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