Shandong inner wall tile
[2017/6/7 15:55:35]
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    The inner wall tile is a kind of ceramic tile, mainly used for interior wall decoration. The inner wall brick is composed of three parts: a blank body, a bottom glaze layer and a glaze layer. The water absorption rate of the bottom is about 10%-18%, and the number of glaze for bottom glaze is 40-60 grams, and the surface glaze is 90-160 grams. In general, the higher the firing temperature, the greater the number of face glaze, the better the brightness of the tile, the smoother the glaze. Of course, the quality of glaze also has a great influence on it.
According to specifications, Shandong inner wall tiles from 90s 108mmX108mm to 158mmX158mm, more and more large size. Customarily, it is calculated in millimeters, but in the name by centimeters, for example, 2533 is actually 250mmX330mm, and so on, there are 304530603090.
Another influence on the inner wall tiles is flatness, which affects the overall effect of the decoration. Yes, the wall tiles should be level, and the four corners are horizontal in the middle of the brick face. The two diagonals should be the same length and in the same plane.
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