All throwing glazed tile factory
[2017/6/7 15:50:52]
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   Now, all throwing glazed tiles have become the first choice for many family flooring decoration, not only because of its elegant appearance, but also an environmentally friendly decoration material.
The whole cast glaze is a kind of polishing process can be glazed in a special glaze formula, it is the last line of the glaze applied to antique brick, there is generally transparent or transparent glaze glaze surface convex, applied to the whole cast glaze fully glazed tiles and antique brick tiles set in one of the advantages. The glaze surface such as polished as smooth and bright, the color glaze such as antique brick like rich patterns, heavy color or bright.
Technical personnel all glazed tiles manufacturers told us that the glazed tiles touch, soft, smooth and bright surface is not convex, translucent crystal, glaze stone clear natural texture, and the upper transparent glaze after fusion, like a layer of transparent crystal glaze film covering, makes the whole body more three-dimensional distinct levels. It is also a method of selecting and identifying all cast glazes.
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