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Ceramic floor tile classification describes the common advantages and disadvanta
[2015/8/28 15:34:46]
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Now there are a lot of porcelain products, such as ceramic, tile, etc., we use tiles in the decoration should be considered when the most of it, and there are many types of tile, for example, there are tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles , antique tiles, whole body tiles, ceramic stone tiles six categories. Today ceramic floor tile classification describes the common advantages and disadvantages.
Ceramic floor tile classification describes the common advantages and disadvantages
Tiles is a high-temperature firing of porcelain tiles, it is the hardest of all kind of tiles, its production process requirements, can achieve all-ceramic. It is characterized by bright surface, dirt resistance, high wear resistance, generally used in the living room, but its price is relatively high. Polished is the most common type of a tile belongs to whole body tiles, its surface is made through a bright polished tiles. It is characterized by hard wear, affordable, but it's dirt poor. Glazed tile surface after glazing treated tile, which is characterized by a surface pattern colorful, colorful, but its relatively poor wear resistance. Antique brick pattern effect is its emphasis on classical unique flavor, by its color, style, pattern to create a nostalgic atmosphere, which is characterized by good slip resistance, but relatively poor dirt. Quintana brick is homogeneous tiles, its positive and negative material, the same color. It features a non-slip with good abrasion resistance, but it's dirt poor.
Common tile classification and disadvantages to introduce here, and I believe that knowledge Xiaobian introduced before there are a lot of people do not understand it, but after reading our article we should all know it, and with the community The rapid development of the use of tile it will become increasingly widespread.
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